Varna District Court

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The District Court in Varna was established 137 years ago by Order of Pavel Baumgarten – the first governor of Varna after the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman domination. In 2015 a total of 62 judges with high qualifications and specializations at international institutions work here. 8 of the judges are regional and international level trainers, 1 judge is a European Judicial Network tool correspondent. 102 administration officials are in a continuous process of specialized training. The area of jurisdiction of the second busiest court in the country includes the regional courts of Varna, Devnya and Provadiya.

Demographic Characteristic:

The area of jurisdiction of Varna District Court encompasses 3 819,5 sq.km. The number of settlements in the area is 159. Population count in the area of jurisdiction of Varna District Court is 474,076, 397,255 of whom live in Varna. The share of urban population is 83,7%. The data is valid as of 31.12.2013. The number of municipalities in the seat of Varna District Court is 12, with the most remote one being 70 km away.