Varna District Court

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The Varna District Court is acting as:

  • First instance – cases, specified by law
  • Second instance – appeal of the acts, delivered by the Regional Courts


The types of cases generally are defined as follows:

  • Civil cases

  • Criminal cases

  • Commercial and Corporate cases

 The District Courts try as a 1st instance the most complicated cases which provoke the greatest public interest

Civil Cases 

The District Court, as first instance court, has jurisdiction in cases of: actions to establish or challenge origin, for termination of adoption, for interdiction or its reversal; claims for property and other real rights with value over 50,000 BGN (25,000 euro); All other civil matters are in the jurisdiction of the Regional Courts, as first instance, but for them the court of second instance is the District Court.

Criminal cases 

The District Court, as the first instance court, has jurisdiction in cases of murder, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, smuggling, production of counterfeit currency, distribution of drugs, malfeasance, etc. with criminal sentence more than 5 years. For all remaining criminal cases, the court of first instance is the Regional Court, and the court of second instance is the District Court.

Commercial and Corporate cases 

The District Court is also a court of registration for non-profit legal entities, residential housing companies, law firms, etc. Registration of traders is done by the Registry Agency under the Ministry of Justice, in accordance with the Commercial Register Act. The Court has jurisdiction of claims concerning commercial matters with value over 25,000 BGN (12,500 euro), with the exception of maintenance claims, labour disputes and receivables related to acts of defalcation. The District Court also hears actions to establish inadmissibility or nullity of entries in the Commercial Register, insolvency cases, as well as actions pursuant to other acts, except the Civil Procedure Code, are subject to the jurisdiction of this court.